Innovate Academy promotes scholars learning on-site, at home, and through service to their community. We also believe that our scholars benefit from engaging with their mentors and each other throughout the week virtually, using our learning management system and participating in online classes. 


Latin Class

Salve! We believe learning Latin provides scholars with the knowledge of 60% of the root words of the English language and more of romantic languages, as well as the foundation to understand scientific, medical, legal, political, philosophical, and theological terminology. Let's get started!


Daily Video

Greetings scholars! Log into our Google Classroom during at home days to hear your mentor take you through the morning Reflection, as well as walk your through your schedule for the day.


Self-Paced Courses

View your History, Math, and Coding self-paced courses. On on-site days, we will make these courses come alive as we do hands on projects through community service to ensure that the head knowledge we gain through our love for these subjects becomes useful and interactive!