Our Mission

At Innovate Academy, our mission is to engage the whole child through a head, heart, and hands approach to learning in order to shape thoughtful, passionate, and entrepreneurial leaders of culture.

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Our Method

Education for us is about going back to proven methods that have shaped the body, mind, and spirit of young scholars for centuries through studying the classics while also moving forward to engage the whole child in an environment that promotes wellness and innovation through community service projects

These core values provide a holistic, whole person centered, and integrative approach to education for every young scholar.


Our Model

As a blended-model academy, we spend three days onsite (with an optional fourth day on Monday) with professional instructors, while providing parents with the curriculum, teacher assistance, and online supports they need on other days to make at-home learning personalized and engaging.



Our preschool combined group represent the widest gap in maturity and ability and each child’s experience is unique. Therefore, a teacher’s aid is onsite in order to differentiate and personalize their learning. Wellness and leadership skills are taught with an emphasis on safety, health, habits, listening, manners, and personal responsibility. 


Kindergarten & First Grade

Our kindergarten and first grade combined group is introduced to Latin and coding. They begin to study history chronologically, integrated with literature, science, and other subjects. Scholars begin to recognize their own unique story within a grander narrative, and wellness and leadership skills emphasize character formation and social and emotionally healthy practices.


Second & Third Grade

Our second and third grade combined group begin to formalize their study of Latin and coding. Integrated, chronological studies begin as each scholar’s worldview takes shape and passion begins to emerge as they discover their purpose. Hands on STEAM projects occur weekly, as they engage with history and literature and make it come alive for them.


Fourth through Seventh Grade

Our fourth through seventh grades experience a true University-Model education with a plethora of high specialized mentors. They formalize their study of Latin and delve deeper into worldview, theology, the classics, coding, cursive, and their own gifting, as they mature from the grammar to the logic stage of development.


Join Our Community

Innovate Academy includes a unique learning community of like-minded parents, mentors, and community leaders who are committed to the formation of the next generation. Since we believe that "every child is a culture maker", we must also seek to use our own talents to facilitate entrepreneurial service to our communities with a focus on family, education, arts, and business. Being the change we want to see is the best way to impact the next generation, as we continue to explore knowledge and collaborate with our young scholars in life-long learning. 

If you are a parent, grandparent, family member, community, business, or non-profit leader who would like to connect in, learn with us, contribute a specific skill, or work with our students on a community project idea, please contact us. 


Apply Today

With classroom sizes capped at 15 scholars per combined grade level, our admission process is on a first come, first serve basis. Scholars are selected after an initial interview once an application has been submitted. If you'd like to enroll, please Apply today!

Make a Donation

If you believe in our vision, we'd love to accept a monetary donation or suggest other ways you can use your time and resources to enhance our learning environment. You've never had a simpler way of saying yes to the non-profit of your choice!



Are you an educator or parent who would like to teach or assist our scholars? Or do you represent a non-profit or business that would like our scholars to work on a service project with you? If so, we'd love to start a dialogue with you. Connect with us!