Does Studying Latin Improve SAT Scores?

We like to think classical students perform so well on SATs because of two reasons: Latin and integrated learning. Since we've already covered integrated learning in our last blog post "What is classical education?", I'd love to share with you more about how Latin can be an invaluable investment for your child.

Firstly, Latin unlocks the study of all romance languages and profoundly increases English vocabulary. Statistics show that with a Latin base, students understand 80% of the roots of romantic languages and about 60% of the English language. That will definitely be a strong asset when taking the English portion of the SATs!

Secondly, through an understanding of Latin our students are equipped to read the foundational literature of our culture and to correctly decipher unfamiliar scientific, legal, and mathematic terms. Whether your child becomes a doctor, lawyer, scientist, politician, or pastor, Latin will allow them to understand the academic speak of their field.

But thirdly, I think studying Latin simply makes our brains better. Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook, had an education in Latin, and, as we know, he invented a brilliant social media platform that we all use. If we truly want our children to be innovative, interestingly enough there is a correlation between creativity and being bilingual!

Finally, if you are able to learn more than one language while you are young, it is much easier to learn many more as you grow older. Why not give the gift of Latin to your child?