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Interested in enrolling your child in our program for Fall 2018 through Spring 2019? Apply today!

Tuition is tiered as follows:

- Preschool and Kindergarten is $3,000 annually.

- First grade through Sixth grade is $4,200 annually.

For families with multiple children enrolling, our policy is that the first tuition rate is not discounted; however, the second child's tuition is discounted by 10%, and every child subsequently receives a 15% discount. Also, if you enroll your child and refer a family who enrolls as well, Innovate Academy will take $200 off the cost of tuition.

Note: We cap our classrooms at 15 scholars per mentor so enrollment will close once a classroom is full. If a classroom is full, you will be notified and your application placed on a waiting list. The application fee is $75 (non-refundable). You will be contacted once your application is reviewed to secure a date for an entrance interview and, upon acceptance, a letter will be mailed or emailed to your family, along with a commitment contract.

To secure your child's enrollment upon acceptance, the full tuition for the fall semester is due by July 1; following this date, the spring tuition will be due by December 1.  If you have any questions, please contact Monica Guaglione at mguaglione@innovateacademy.com. 

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Physical Activity Release Waiver
As the guardian of my child, I will assume full responsibility for any Accident/Medical Insurance needed to cover our child in the case of accidental injury, or the like, while our child is attending Innovate Academy. We will not hold Innovate Academy and licensed or approved representatives responsible in any manner for injury.
Photo/Video Release
I give you permission to use the image, likeness, and sound of my child or children as they may be captured in photos, and audio and visual recordings (the “Recordings”) during their participation in classes and other Innovate Academy events, through educational, marketing, and informational materials in photographic, video, digital, and other formats to support Innovate Academy’s religious, educational, and charitable purposes. In granting this permission, I understand that you will choose whether or not to publish the recording; that you have sole discretion to edit the recording for style, content, or length; and that you are not required to provide me any pre-publication review of the Recording before you use it. By giving my permission, I grant Innovate Academy an unlimited, royalty-free license to use and distribute the recording in support of its religious, educational, and charitable purposes, and thereby release and waive any claims of publicity or privacy rights relating to its use or publication of the recording, but in granting this license I do not give up any copyright or performance rights that I may own.
Background Clearances
PA law requires that prospective employees and volunteers obtain the following background checks. Because of the level of parent involvement in the our community, Innovate Academy requires all parents to complete either number 1 or number 2 below. Parents who are volunteers or employees must comply with the law and complete all three state requirements. 1. Criminal History Record Information obtained from the PA State Police ($10 fee). 2. Child Abuse Clearance obtained through the PA Department of Public Welfare (now known as the Department of Human Services) certifying if the applicant is named in the statewide database “as the alleged perpetrator in a pending child abuse investigation or as the perpetrator of a founded report or indicated report” of child abuse ($10 fee). 3. Federal Criminal History Record Information obtained by submitting a full set of fingerprints to the PA State Police or its authorized agent for submission to the Federal Bureau of Investigation “for the purpose of verifying the identity of the applicant and obtaining a current record of any criminal arrests and convictions” ($28.75 fee). Please use the following link to download the appropriate forms: http://dhs.pa.gov/publications/findaform/childabusehistoryclearanceforms/index.htm If you already have clearances which you have obtained for other organizations, the law states that they are good for up to 60 months. You may obtain copies of those clearances to send to us. Please email your clearances to ppsofia@innovateacademy.com.
Family Contract
Our Mission: Innovate Academy’s mission is to engage the whole child through a head, heart, and hands approach to learning, in order to grow thoughtful, passionate, and entrepreneurial leaders of culture. Innovate Academy Statement of Faith: While we are a church-supported academy, hosted by CCDC, all people within the Christian faith are welcome to enroll. We will not cater to any one denomination but teach that all the expressions and streams of Christianity are important. Therefore, our academy stands by the Apostles’ Creed that was once and for all created and agreed upon by the early church in 325 AD. The Apostles’ Creed: We believe in God, the Father Almighty, the Maker of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ His only Son, our Lord: Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, and buried. He descended into hell. The third day He arose again from the dead; He ascended into heaven, and sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty; from thence he shall come to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Ghost; the holy catholic church; the communion of saints; the forgiveness of sins; the resurrection of the body; and the life everlasting. Amen. We seek to honor all the streams, movements, and denominations of Christianity that hold to these confessions among the beautifully diverse traditions and practices that exist. We will celebrate this unity through the diversity that has stood the test of time and makes our faith so enduring. We respect diverse expressions of Christianity and devotional traditions and discussion of them may occur in the course of our studies. Our mentors, however, will cultivate among our scholars an understanding and appreciation of both the variations within and the fundamental unity of the Christian faith. Where differences with respect to belief and practice exist, we believe that beliefs specific to particular Christian denominations are most appropriately taught in the homes and each churches represented.
Parental Partnership Agreement
As a parent I recognize the value in committing my child to the dedicated staff of Innovate Academy, and I agree to the following: I understand that I am the primary instructor of my child’s education according to scripture and that Innovate Academy is partnering with me to enhance the process. Therefore, I will assure that all work given by mentors is completed to the best of my child's ability. I understand that my annual tuition payment covers the cost attendance to the academy, including curriculum and classroom supplies purchased but does not include any other costs such as field trips, outings, or project materials. I understand that my full tuition for Innovate Academy is due at the beginning of each year and is non-refundable after the semester begins. I understand that if I have any issues, grievances, opinions, or concerns I will voice them according to the Matthew 18 principle with grace, love, and full respect for fellow students, their families, teachers, and staff.
Registration Deposit and Tuition Payment Policies
Registration: A non-refundable registration fee of $75.00 will hold your spot. Annual Tuition: PreK-Kst grade is $3,000 annually; 1-6th grade is $4,200 annually. Tuition is collected by July 1 and December 1 (unless a payment plan has otherwise been arranged upon request to aashworth@innovateacademy.com). I understand that all tuition is non-refundable and enrollment is a commitment for tuition for the full academic year.